I am dedicated to enthusiastic,  dynamic empirically-based teaching as a means of nurturing, and fostering, critical thinking skills, personal responsibility, and a lifelong love, and respect, for knowledge. I am honored to be part of the CNM community.

From 2001-2007 I taught at CNM and UNM, from 2007-2014 I taught at Albuquerque Academy, and from 2014 to present I teach at CNM. I have instructed various math classes, physical geography, astronomy, physics and yoga. Though my graduate work is in the field of optical sciences and engineering, I have enjoyed teaching courses outside this field.

I am very fortunate to have a loving family consisting of my husband, a son, who is also an educator, two lovable dogs and several creatures of the feline persuasion.

I enjoy family time hiking, biking, gardening, star gazing and any other opportunity to share in mother nature's gifts. I am a life-long learner, I learn from my students and take advantage of being a student in one class per semester.

My husband and I have been operating a sustainability site called Three Sigma since 2008. I have deep interests in the field of renewable energy, health, permaculture, and all forms of sustainability.